TOC Analyzers

Reach the peak of productivity with the M9 Sievers toc analyzers have always been quick to set up, easy to use, and maintain. the M9 is fast, smart, versatile and instinctively simple. Designed to not only be fast, but also simple to operate and maintain, the M9 allows you to reach the peak of productivity.

Fast, smart and versatile to optimize your sample processing time

•    twice-as-fast as GE’s last generation toc, now with two-minute toc analysis.

•    Meets diverse application needs and regulatory requirements in pharmaceutical, microelectronics,

power, manufacturing, and environmental industries.

•    Improved dashboard-style, touch-screen interface simplifies operation and data review.

•    At-a-glance consumables status.

•    Streamlined, faster system protocols.

•    Informative error and alert messages to simplify troubleshooting.

•    Secure database structure improves data search and query capability.

Instinctively simple to boost throughput

•    operations including calibration,verification, and validation are faster and automated.

•    Autoreagent feature automatically selects optimal reagent flow rates.

•    Sample methods can now be saved and applied to daily samples.

Quick to set up, easy to use and maintain

Pre-calibrated at the factory - install and prepare for analysis in less than one hour.

•    No special training required to set up, operate or maintain the instrument.

•    Minimal maintenance—typically just a few hours per year.

•    Modular design facilitates quick consumables replacement.

•    on-Line and Portable models now with dust and spray/drip resistant enclosures.

•    Internal reagent packs—no external chemicals or gas supplies required.

•    Easy data communications - export or collect data via USB, 4-20mA, or Modbus tcP/IP outputs.