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Terms & Conditions

Comtal Technologies & Engineering LTD.
1.  Definitions and Interpretations -
1.1.  In  these  General  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Sale,  the  following  terms  will  have  the
meanings given them below, unless the context requires otherwise:
1.1.1.  "Business  Day"  means  any  day  other  than  Saturday  and  Sunday  or  public
holidays  at  the  country  of  location  of  the  Buyer  /  country  of  delivery  of  the
1.1.2.  "Buyer"  means  the  person  or  entity,  as  the  case  may  be,  who  accepts  a
quotation or offer of the Seller (as defined below) for the sale of Goods and/or
provision of Services or whose order for the Goods and/or Services is accepted
by the Seller.
1.1.3.  "Goods"  means  the  goods  and  relevant  documentation  thereof    which  the
Seller may supply in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of
Sale, whether such goods are new, refurbished, repaired or used, including but
not  limited  to,  products  or  parts  which  are  the  subject  of  any  Services  Seller
may supply to Buyer in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions
of Sale. 
1.1.4.  "Incoterms" means the international rules for the interpretation of trade terms
of  the  International  Chamber  of  Commerce.  Unless  the  context  otherwise
requires,  any  term  of  expression  which  is  defined  by  the  provisions  of
Incoterms  shall  have  the  same  meaning  in  these  General  Terms  and
Conditions of Sale, however in the event of conflict between the provisions of
Incoterms and the terms of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale,  the
latter shall prevail.
1.1.5.  "Manufacturer" – with respect to new Goods - means the original manufacturer
of the Goods, and with respect to repaired or refurbished Goods - means the
shop (repair station) in which such Goods were repaired or refurbished, as the
case  may  be.  For  the  avoidance  of  doubts,  it  being  clear  that  Goods  also
include  products  or  parts  with  respect  to  which  Seller  may  provide  Services
1.1.6.  "Seller" means Comtal Technologies & Engineering LTD its affiliates or anyone
on its behalf including distributors , subcontractors and its subsidiaries:
Comtal Technologies and Engineering LTD
Conlog LTD
Hortal Machinery LTD
M.T.T Machines LTD
Lumitron LTD
Ambar Forum LTD
Humphry Automation Inc.
Abiry Technologies Ltd
Picotech LTD
1.1.7.  "Services" – means services which the Seller may provide in accordance these
General Terms and Conditions of Sale, in respect of a specific product or part,
whether such product or part was originally supplied by Seller or not, including
but not limited to, repair, overhaul and/or warranty services. 
1.2.  The headings in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are for convenience only
and shall not affect their Interpretation.   2
2.  Applicability  –  These  General  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Sale  shall  be  deemed  part  of  any
contract  or  order  for  the  supply  of  Goods  and/or  Services  between  Seller  and  Buyer.  The
deliveries,  performance,  proposals  and  offers made  by  the  Seller  are  subject  to  these  General
Terms and Conditions of Sale. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale will also apply to any
subsequent orders in the case of ongoing business relations, even if they are not explicitly agreed
upon again. Neither buyer's conditions of purchase, its purchase order terms, nor any of Buyer’s
other  terms  or  conditions  shall  apply  unless  specifically  agreed  to  by  Seller  in  advance  and  in
writing. Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply only upon and to
the  extent  of  any  explicit,  written  agreement  by  the  Seller.  The  terms  herein  shall  in  all  events
supersede and control the sale of Goods and/or the provision of Services by Seller.
Orders and Specifications -
2.1 No order submitted by the Buyer shall be deemed to be accepted by the Seller unless and
until confirmed in writing by an authorized representative of the Seller. 
2.2The specifications for the Goods and/or scope of Services to be provided shall be those
set out in the Seller's written acceptance or confirmation of the order. 
2.3 Illustrations, photographs or descriptions whether in catalogues, brochure, offers or other
documents issued by the Seller are intended as a guide only and the contents shall not be
binding on the Seller 
3.  Pricing and Delivery – 
3.1 The price quoted in a specific quote issued to the Buyer shall be valid for 30 days only or
such other time as the Seller may specify in writing.
3.2 Prices  appearing  on  this  web  site  or  any  other  Seller  web  site  shall  not  obligate  Seller
and/or any service provider and/or Manufacturer and are for information purposes only. 
3.3 The Seller reserves the right, by giving notice to the Buyer at any time before delivery, to
increase  the  price  of  the  Goods  and/or  Services  to  reflect  any  increase  in  the  costs  of  the
Seller which is due to any factor which is beyond the control of the Seller (such as, without
limitation,  any  foreign  exchange  fluctuation,  currency  regulation  or  alteration  of  duties,  any
change in delivery dates, quantities or specifications for the Goods and/or Services which is
requested by Buyer, or any delay caused by instructions of the Buyer).      
3.4 Unless otherwise stated, prices include the cost of standard packaging. 
3.5 Delivery is considered to be EX WORKS Seller in accordance with Incoterms 2000 unless
stated otherwise in any Seller proposal. 
3.6 The price of the Goods  and/or the  Services  is exclusive  of any  applicable  Value Added
Tax, sales or taxes of a similar nature which are imposed or charged by any competent fiscal
authority  is  respect  of  the  Goods  and/or  the  Services,  as  well  as  of  any  shipping  charges,
duties, imposts or other charges  which the Buyer shall be solely liable to pay. If Seller has
paid any charge on behalf of the Buyer, the Buyer shall reimburse the Seller within no later
than 10 Business Days from Seller's request. 
3.7 Unless otherwise stated, delivery will take place at the warehouse of the Seller at the time
Goods are released to the transport company specified by Buyer. If the Buyer  fails to take
delivery  of  the  Goods  or  any  part  thereof  on  the  specified  date  and/or  fails  to  provide
instructions, documents, licenses, consents or authorizations required to enable the Goods to
be delivered on that date, the Seller shall be entitled to store or arrange for the storage of the
Goods and then delivery shall be deemed to have taken place and the Buyer shall pay the
Seller all costs and expenses, including but not limited to, storage charges, incurred by the
Seller  or  arising  out  of  such  failure.  The  Seller  shall  not  be  liable  for  any  costs  and/or
expenses incurred for whatever reason after delivery of the Goods is deemed to have taken
4.  Title and Risk – 
4.1  Seller  will  retain  ownership  of  Goods  and/or  Services  sold  until  Seller  has  received
payment in full therefore from Buyer, including payment of any applicable interest as well as
costs  and  expenses  incurred  by  the  Seller  for  which  the  Buyer  is  liable  pursuant  to  the
provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.    3
4.2 The Buyer shall undertake all necessary measures to safeguard the retention of title. The
Buyer shall not mortgage and/or offer the Goods as collateral to third parties or convey their
property as a security prior to payment in full. 
4.3  Buyer  also  grants  a  purchase  money  security  interest  in  the  Goods  and/or  Services  to
Seller and Seller may execute and file financing statement(s) to record its security interest. 
4.4 Risk of loss or damage to the Goods shall pass from Seller to Buyer upon delivery of the
Goods to the transport company or deemed delivery, as the case may be, in accordance with
Art. 4.2 above. 
4.5  The  Buyer  shall  be  entitled,  subject  to  the  provisions  of  these  General  Terms  and
Conditions of Sale, including but not limited to, Section 11 below, to resell the Goods in the
ordinary course of its business. In the event of the Buyer reselling the Goods prior to making
full payment to Seller, Buyer's claims arising from or in connection with such resale of Goods,
subject  to  retention  of  title,  shall  be  deemed  assigned  to  the  Seller  to  the  extent
corresponding to the invoiced price for the Goods.  Such claims shall serve as a security to
the same extent as the Goods subject to retention of title. It is hereby clarified that the Buyer
shall  be  entitled  and  authorized  to  resell  the  Goods,  only  if  it  is  warranted  that  the  claims
arising there from and inuring to its benefit pass to Seller.  
5.  Delivery times – 
Delivery times indicated are approximate unless specifically agreed to in writing by Seller. Seller
shall  not  be  responsible  for  consequences  of  delays  in  delivery,  including  lack  of  notification
6.  Payment – 
6.1  Subject  to  any  special  terms  agreed  in  writing  between  the  Buyer  and  the  Seller,  the
Seller shall invoice the Buyer for the net sum due on or at any time after delivery of the Goods
and/or Services as provided in section 4.6 above.  
6.2 All payments shall be made to the Seller in the currency of the price stated in the invoice
(according  to  the  currency  stated  in  the  order  acceptance/confirmation),  without  offset  or
deduction, within 14 days after date of invoice or as otherwise agreed to in writing at the time
of order acceptance/confirmation. 
6.3 After expiry of the agreed upon payment terms, interest is due based on the US Prime
Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal, increased by 5%, without derogating from any
other  rights  and  remedies  of  Seller.  Costs  associated  with  the  establishment  of  a  Letter  of
Credit,  including  any  bank  charges  shall  be  on  the  account  of  the  Buyer  and  may  not  be
deducted  from  the  invoiced  amount.  Buyer  agrees  to  pay  all  costs  of  collection,  including
reasonable attorneys’ fees, if amounts owing to Seller are collected by or through an attorney
at law. 
6.4  The  Seller  in  not  obliged  to  accept  order  from  any  customer  or  buyer  who  has  not
supplied the Seller with references satisfactory to the Seller. If at any time the Seller is not
satisfied as to the creditworthiness of the Buyer, it may give notice in writing to the Buyer that
no further credit will be allowed to the Buyer, in which case the Buyer shall be required to give
security deposits in respect of the Goods and/or Services already shipped and/or provided, as
the case may be, and no further Goods and/or Services will be delivered to the Buyer other
than against cash payments and notwithstanding any payment terms contained in the order
acceptance/confirmation, all amounts owing by the Buyer to the Seller shall be immediately
payable in cash. 
6.5 Time is of the essence as to payment obligations of Buyer.
7.  Acceptance  -  Complaints,  claims  and  losses  regarding  the  Goods  and/or  Services  or  short-
shipments are to be made within 10 Business Days after receipt of the Goods and/or provision of
the  Services,  as  the  case  may  be.  After  this  period,  Goods  and/or  Services  are  considered
accepted by the Buyer. Replacement, repair or reimbursement is subject to prior written consent
of Seller.
8.  Cancellation - A purchase order placed by Buyer and confirmed by Seller cannot be cancelled by
Buyer without Seller’s written consent. Buyer is fully liable and shall indemnify the Seller for any   4
applicable cancellation charges, including but not limited to, restocking fee, not to exceed the full
sales price of the Goods and/or parts and/or Services ordered and in any event shall not be less
than 50% from total purchase order.
Without  derogating  from  the  above,  in  no  case  may  Goods  be  returned  without  Seller's  prior
written  permission.  All  such  approved  returns  must  be  shipped  with  transportation  charges
9.  Limited Warranty – 
Buyer assumes full responsibility for selection of the Goods and/or Services, their application and
use and results there from. The Goods and/or Services are sold AS-IS, without any undertaking
or  warranty  of  any  kind  of  Seller.  Goods  are  warranted  only  in  accordance  with  the  limited
warranty of the Manufacturer of the Goods supplied and/or repair station, as the case may be, if
any.  Buyer  acknowledges  that  the  Seller  is  passing  through  to  Buyer  only  the  Manufacturer’s
warranty for the Goods, if any, and that Buyer shall look solely to the Manufacturer of the Goods
for  all  warranty  claims,  defects  and  the  like.  Buyer  hereby  waives,  releases  and  renounces  all
other warranties, obligations and liabilities of Seller and acknowledges that the SELLER MAKES
10.  Liability and Indemnity – 
10.1  In  no  event  shall  Seller  be  liable  for,  nor  shall  Buyer  and/or  any  one  on  its  behalf,
recover  any  indirect,  special,  incidental  or  consequential  losses,  liabilities,  expenses  or
damages, including but not limited to, loss of profit or revenues arising out of or in connection
with the Goods and/or Services including the use thereof. 
10.2 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the aforesaid, Buyer assumes all risk and
liability  whatsoever for any and all  losses and/or liabilities and/or  injuries (including death)
and/or  damages  of  any  kind  whatsoever  to  any  person  or  property  or  otherwise  resulting
from  or  arising  in  connection  with  any  regulatory  violation,  Buyer's  possession,  use,
handling,  storage,  transportation  and/or  sale  of  the  Goods,  whether  used  alone  or  in
conjunction  with  other  products,  or  incorporated  in  an  aircraft  and/or  that  arise  out  of  an
aircraft accident, incident, or mishap occurring anywhere for whatever cause or reason, and 
Buyer shall  indemnify, hold harmless and defend  Seller and/or its officers and/or directors
and/or  agents  and/or  employees  and/or  assigns  and/or  affiliates  (collectively,  "Seller's
Indemnities"), harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, suits, liabilities, costs,
expenses,  damages,  fines,  penalties,  governmental  regulatory  enforcement  actions,  and
other amounts (including attorney’s fees and expenses) arising out of or in connection with
any of the foregoing. 
10.3  Seller’s  sole  and  exclusive  maximum  liability  for  direct  damages,  whether  based  in
contract, tort, or otherwise, shall not in any event exceed the purchase price actually paid by
Buyer for the particular Goods and/or Services at issue.
10.4 It is hereby clarified that in the event of resale by the Buyer of any of the Goods to any
third party, Buyer will make, in connection with any such resale, only those warranties and/or
representations contained herein. Without derogating from the aforesaid, it is hereby clarified
that the Seller shall have no liability whatsoever and Buyer shall be solely liable for any such
third party and will indemnify, defend and hold Seller and Seller's Indemnities harmless from
and against any claims, causes of action and judgments which arise out of or in connection
with  the  resale  of  the  Goods,  including  but  not  limited  to,  from  any  representations,
warranties  or  agreement  made  or  entered  into  by  the  Buyer  other  than  those  specifically
contained herein. For the avoidance of doubts, it being clear that, the Seller's liability shall
not,  in  any  event,  exceed  Seller's  liability  towards  the  Buyer  pursuant  to  these  General
Terms and Conditions of Sale.  

11.  Insurance  -  Buyer  shall  procure  and  maintain  such  aircraft  liability,  aircraft  hull,  and
comprehensive  general  liability  insurance  policies  that  Buyer  may  carry  on  its  own  business,
and/or  any  aircraft  owned,  leased,  chartered,  maintained  or  managed  by  Buyer,  naming  Seller
and  Seller's  Indemnities  as  additional  insured  or  waiving  subrogation  rights  against  Seller  and
Seller's Indemnities. The failure or refusal of Buyer to adhere to the terms and conditions of this
Article 12 in no way relieves the Buyer from its duties under these General Terms and Conditions
of Sale and/or at any  applicable  law to  hold harmless, indemnify,  and defend  the Seller and/or
and Seller's Indemnities from all alleged liabilities arising out of an aircraft accident, incident or
mishap as described elsewhere in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. 
12.  Force Majeure - The Seller shall not be liable to the Buyer and/or any one on its behalf or be
deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in delivery or in performing, or any
failure to perform any of the Seller's obligations in relation to the Goods and/or Services, if the
delay  or  failure  was  due  to  any  cause  beyond  the  reasonable  control  of  the  Seller.  Without
derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as causes beyond
the Seller's reasonable control: natural disasters, acts of war and terrorism, acts of governmental
authorities  or  courts,  any  delays  caused  by  variations  or  amendments  to  any  authorization
required in order to place the Goods in the territory in which the Buyer is to import, use or sell the
Goods,  strikes,  lock-outs  or  other  industrial  actions  or  trade  disputes  (whether  involving
employees of the Seller or a third party).    
13.  Confidentiality  -  All  pictures,  samples,  documents  and/or  pricing  submitted  to  Buyer  and/or
anyone  on  its  behalf  in  any  form  whatsoever,  including  hardcopy  or  electronic  medium,  in
connection with quotations or orders, will remain property of the Seller. Under no circumstances is
it allowed to show, hand,  copy or submit such  information to third parties without express prior
written consent by Seller.
14.  Privacy policy
Our Commitment to Privacy
Welcome to our website ("the Website"). Protecting your privacy and the personal information you
provide us is a top priority for us. For this reason, we do not sell, rent, transfer, assign or provide
access  to  your  personal  information  to  third  parties  for  their  marketing  purposes  without  your
explicit consent. We want our users to fully understand what information we collect, how we use
this  information,  and  the  steps  we  take  to  protect  your  personal  information.  Please  read  this
privacy policy to learn more about the policies and procedures we have put in place to achieve
this  goal.  This  notice  describes  our  Privacy  Policy.  By  visiting  this  site,  you  are  accepting  the
practices described in this Privacy Policy.
What Information is collected?
We  collect  personal  information  and  non-personal  information  through  the  Website.  Personal
information  is  information  that  identifies  you  as  an  individual.  Non-personal  information  is
aggregated  information,  IP  addresses  and  any  other  information  that  does  not  reveal  your
specific identity. 
Personal Information:
We may collect the following types of personal information:
Information provided by you when registering to the Website.
 Information provided by you when submitting User content to the Interactive areas (both terms
as defined in the Terms of Use of the Website).
Information you provide us through customer service correspondence and/or general feedback.
The personal information will be stored in a registered database owned by Conlog Ltd., and in
which Comtal Technologies and Engineering Ltd and its subsidiaries mentioned above are
holding. Database name is "customers and contacts database" and its number is 700060789. 
The personal information is required in order to maintain contact with the customer, marketing
and sales activities, various mailings delivery, collection actions, etc.    6
It is possible, at any time, to request the deletion of the personal information from the database
by writing to us at: info@conlog.co.il.
Non-Personal Information:
When you visit the Website, we may collect non-personal information, such as a catalog of the
Website pages you visit. Non-personal information is generally collected through the Website
from the following sources: website analysis software, environmental variables, and other similar
technologies and information that you voluntarily provide.
Information That You Voluntarily Provided:
We also collect non-personal information (e.g., your geographic location, etc.) when you
voluntarily provide such information to us. When such information is not combined with any
personal information, such information is considered to be non-personal information, as it does
not personally identify you or any other user. Additionally, we may aggregate personal
information in a manner such that the end-product does not personally identify you or any other
user of the Website. Such aggregate information is considered non-personal information for
purposes of this Policy.
How and when the personal information is used? 
We may use personal information we collect in the following ways:
Fulfillment of requests. We may use personal information collected about you to provide you with
services or information that you request.
Administrative communications. From time to time we may use personal information to send to
you  important  information  regarding  the  Website,  or  changes  to  our  terms,  conditions,  and
Other  types  of  correspondence:  From  time  to  time  we  may  use  your  personal  information  to
inform you of products, programs, services and promotions that we believe may be of interest to
you  and  /  or  to  send  you  our  newsletter.  Commercial  information  and  /  or  newsletters  will  be
delivered  to  you  unless  you  let  us  know  in  writing  that  you  do  not  wish  to  receive  such
Internal  Business  Purposes.  We  may  also  use  personal  information  for  our  internal  business
purposes, such as data analysis and audits.  
The Use of Non-Personal Information
Because non-personal information does not personally identify you, we may use such information
for any purpose. In addition, we reserve the right to disclose such non personal information to
other third parties, for any purpose.
Legal Requests
We  cooperate  with  law  enforcement  authorities,  as  well  as  with  other  third  parties,  to  enforce
laws, intellectual property rights, and to prevent fraud. In response to a verified request by law
enforcement  or  other  government  officials  relating  to  a  criminal  investigation  or  alleged  illegal
activity, we can, and you authorize us to, disclose your information. 
How We Protect Your Information
The  privacy  and  protection  of  your  information  is  important  to  us.  We  will  use  commercially
reasonable efforts to protect your information, continue to assess new technology for protecting
information,  and  when  appropriate,  upgrade  our  information  security  systems.  Subject  to  the
other sections of this Privacy Policy, we do not make any personal information available to third
parties without your permission. Please note, however, that no transmission over the Internet or
telephone  can  be  fully  guaranteed  in  its  confidentiality  and  non-disclosure,  and  as  such  you
transmit at your own risk. 
By  using  our  website,  you  consent  to  the  collection  and  use  of  your  personal  information  as
described in this Privacy Policy. 
Changes to Privacy Policy   7
If  our  Privacy  Policy  or  procedures  change,  we  will  immediately  post  those  changes  to  the
Website. Any such changes will be effective 30 days from the time such new policies are posted,
unless otherwise stated in the change. 
Effective Date
15.  Changes - Any change to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale must be in writing and
issued/published by Seller. Buyer should consult Seller's web site prior to submitting any order to
check if these General Terms and Conditions of Sale have been modified or updated.
16.  General -
16.1. When  placing  an  order,  Buyer  must  advise  the  Seller  in  writing  of  any  special,  legal,
administrative  or  regulatory  requirements  applying  in  the  territory  in  which  the  Buyer  is  to
import, use or sell the Goods as to composition, labeling and/or sale of the Goods and the
Buyer must advise the Seller immediately of any change made in such requirements.    
16.2. Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. In
any event, Buyer's acceptance of delivery of the Goods or any part thereof shall be deemed
to  constitute  Buyer's  consent  to  these  General  Terms  and  Condition  of  Sale  and  Buyer's
waiver  of  all  terms  and  conditioned  proposed  by  Buyer  in  writing  or  otherwise  or  that  are
different from or additional to those set forth in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
16.3. The Buyer shall be responsible for complying with any legislation or regulations governing
the importation of the Goods into the country of destination and for payment of any duties
16.4. No  claims  for  money  due  or  which  become  due  to  Seller  and/or  any  of  its  affiliates  from
Buyer and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or its affiliates, shall be subject to deduction or
setoff  by  Buyer  by  reason  of  any  counterclaim  arising  out  of  or  in  connection  with  the
transaction hereunder or any other transaction with Seller and/or any of its affiliates. Buyer
shall have no right to withhold any amounts due to Seller for any reason whatsoever, except
with the prior written consent of the Seller. 
16.5. The  Seller  may  assign  these  General  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Sale  and  it  rights  and
obligations hereunder whether in  whole or in part and reserves the right to subcontract its
obligations under these General Terms and Conditions of Sale or any part thereof. 
These General Terms and Conditions of Sale is personal to Buyer, who shall not, without the
prior  written  consent  of  the  Seller  assign,  mortgage,  charge  or  dispose  of  its  rights
hereunder, or subcontract any of its obligations hereunder. 
16.6. If any part of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be held by
any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the
other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale  and the remainder of the
provision in question shall not be affected and remain in full force and effect.
17.   Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
17.1.  These  General  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Sale  shall  be  governed  by,  and  construed  in
accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, without giving the effect to any conflict of
laws  rule  that  may  require  the  application  of  the  laws  of  another  jurisdiction.  The  United
Nations  Convention  on  Contracts  for  the  International  Sale  of  Goods  shall  not  apply  to
these General Terms and Conditions of Sale or to any Goods and/or Services supplied by
the Seller.
17.2.  Any and all matters and disputes arising under or in connection with these General Terms
and  Conditions  of  Sale  and/or  the  Goods  and/or  the  Services  shall  be  subject  to  the
exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Tel-Aviv, Israel. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the aforesaid, the Seller reserves the right to initiate proceedings against
the Buyer and/or anyone acting on its behalf in any other court of competent jurisdiction.   
E & OE.