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epMotion for NGS library

Eppendorf announces the release of the epMotion automation method for Illumina®’s TruSeq Stranded Total RNA library preparation kit for Next Generation Sequencing as “Illumina Qualified”.

“Illumina Qualified” indicates that Illumina’s analysis of libraries prepared with this epMotion method has shown the libraries to perform comparably to those prepared manually. Sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) involves extensive manual processing that can be subject to human error. Eppendorf epMotion Liquid Handling systems are important tools for labs that want to significantly increase throughput and consistency of results.

The automation of labor-intensive steps in NGS sample prep, like pipetting, mixing, temperature control and magnetic separation brings about a standardized and streamlined process, with significantly reduced hands-on time and minimization of human errors. This method is tailored for 8, 16 or 24 samples of 100 to 1000 ng total RNA and gives sequencing ready libraries in 9 to 12 hours. While this is not much faster than the manual process, the hands-on time is significantly reduced as the automated process needs less than 1 hour preparation time in total. Additional automated methods for NGS library preparation from Illumina are currently in development.

Illumina® is a registered trademark of Illumina, Inc. TruSeq™ is a trademark of Illumina.

Discover the variety of automated liquid handling with the new Eppendorf epMotion series & download method and description from VIP page: www.eppendorf.com/automation