Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15 mL and 50 mL

The Conical Tubes 15 mL and 50 mL extend the volume range of the Eppendorf Tubes®.


Safe design and easy handling ensure best sample processing. They represent the optimal solution for cell culture and cell biology applications as well as for sample preparation protocols in microbiology and molecular biology laboratories.


Whether centrifugation, mixing, or other applications – the Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15 mL and 50 mL will perfectly fit into your workflows. With high quality material and precision molding ensures a high tightness and minimizes sample loss.


Premium USP class 6 raw material and no use of slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides during manufacturing ensure highest sample integrity, high g-Safe®centrifugation stability, and optimal sample and pellet visibility.

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