epT.I.P.S.® Motion pipette tips

Automated pipetting processes place high demands on the design and material of pipette tips used. Eppendorf has specially designed the epT.I.P.S. for use on the epMotion® 5070, 5073 and 5075 Liquid Handling Workstation. epT.I.P.S. Motion pipette tips, with and without filters, developed in torsion-resistant, clean racks.


High-precision manufacturing guarantees a perfect fit and extremely accurate dispensing behavior. What’s more, the tips are optimized for simple automatic ejection in the Liquid Handling Workstation collection vessel. epT.I.P.S. Motion can also be integrated into the workstation as a refilling system.
Packaged in contamination-free racks, epT.I.P.S. Motion pipette tips are available in the following purity grades: standard Eppendorf Quality, PCR clean, Sterile, PCR clean and Sterile.

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