The micro plate shaker QSD MPS1500 is mainly applied in solution 
mixing  and  shaking  of  PCR  plates  (96-wells/384-wells),  cell 
culture plate (24-wells/48-wells/96-wells etc.) for immunoassay 
and dyeing experiments. It is safe for use in low temperature 
environment  or  low  temperature  incubator.  MPS-1500  has 
compact design with simple and convenient operation. 
It uses DC brushless motor, safe, stable and noiseless.

Product features:
1. LED digital display. Simple and easy operation designed panel. Display time and speed accurately.
2. Microprocessor controls speed and time, safe, stable and noiseless.
3. Accommodates 4 standard PCR plates or micro plates, mixing trace amount of sample with high efficiency. 
4. DC brushless motor, long life and free of maintenance. Provide both low and high shaking capability.
5. Provide timing function. Alarm notification when program completes. 

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