The rocking shaker QSD RS25/D are table type shakers suitable in both room temperature and incubator. 


It  is  widely  used  in  immobilization  of  running  gel,  shaking  for  dyeing  or  fading  the  Coomassie  blue,  immobilization,  dyeing  and  developing  of  silver-staining,  developing  and  fixation  of  the  X-ray  film  in  autoradiography  experiment, and further processing of cellulose membrane after gel shift such as molecular hybridization, staining with antigen-antibody.


It is also used for cell culture and cell membrane transfer.QSD RS25/QSD D  is suitable for various laboratory sample such as culture dish, triangular flask and culture flask.

Product features:

1. Platform made of stainless steel and natural rubber, which is alkali
    -resistant, non-deformation, easy-clean and spill-prevention.
2. Real-time speed display and diminishing time display.
3. The bearing is articulated rotating, secure and no wear, suitable for 
    prolonged use.
4. Compact designed, uses very little table space.
5. Brushless DC motor, maintenance-free.

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