2D Electrophoresis

IEF100 First-dimension Isoelectric Focusing Unit
Monitor current flow for each individual IPG strip in real time
The IEF100 is the only first dimension instrument that controls the current and voltage applied to the IPG strips to prevent overheating.
  • Flexible first-dimension IEF can be run with up to six 7 to 24 cm IPG strips simultaneously, or twelve 7 cm IPG strips using the included dual electrode accessory
  • Turn and click intuitive user interface with graphical display
  • Capable of faster run times with an integrated 12,000 V power supply that has the highest voltage and current commercially available
  • Easily accessible Ethernet and RS232 ports


  • Bag of 504 Wicks
  • Running Tray
  • Small Rehydration Tray
  • Large Rehydration Tray
  • Cleaning Brush ForcepsTen
  • Sets of Running Cups – (6 cups / set)

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