5920R Centrifuge

Centrifuge 5920 R delivers extraordinary high capacity in a very compact and ergonomic product design. It has similar dimensions as competing refrigerated 3 Liter models and yet features a superior capacity of up to 4 x 1,000 mL; thus making it the ideal instrument for high-throughput applications.


It features a powerful state-of-the-art refrigeration system with advanced temperature management to keep your samples safe.


Centrifuge 5920 R accommodates standard 1 liter Nalgene® bottles setting a new standard in the table top centrifuge segment. Compared to other custom-made 1 liter bottles the Nalgene bottle is narrow and allows for a better pellet compared to wider bottles. The higher capacity enables you to process a higher volume in fewer runs.


Not only do the high-capacity buckets of Rotor S-4×1000 provide an exceptional high capacity (e.g. 52 × 50 mL conical), they also allow both tubes and plates to be used in the same rotor bucket.


  • Time saving: No need to exchange buckets
  • Cost saving: No need for separate plate buckets
  • Space saving: No need to store diff erent buckets

Centrifuge 5920 R comes with a modern operating system with
outstanding functionality

  • Menu-driven, multi-lingual operation menu with large backlit display
  • Saves up to 99 user-defined programs
  • 5 program keys for easy access to routine programs
  • Ultra low power consumption in standby (<2 W)
  • FastTemp pro® function for automated pre-cooling based on preprogrammable time and date

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