With epMotion automated pipetting systems, you will see things in a new light. All your routine pipetting tasks, whether small or large, will be automated with more precision and safety than you ever experienced with manual pipetting. Learn how simple it is to automate. The revolutionary and easy to use epMotion lends itself to most laboratory environments. The software is so intuitive you can learn it in just one morning and be up and running protocols that same afternoon. Options for the integrated compact control panel or the flexible PC version make it easy for anyone, anywhere. The epBlue ID software module secures barcode tracking for process documentation and simple communication with your LIMS and ELN, while the epBlue GxP software and will help you to speed up process validation according to the requirements of 21 CFR parts 11, 58, 211 and 820, GLP and GMP. Features such as pipetting pattern recognition or the ready to go Plug’n’Prep® methods ensure that entering the world of automation is fast and easy.

Learn about our unique pipetting range from 1 µl to 1,000 µl. With epMotion, you can experience utmost precision even at the lowest volumes without complex pipetting commands. Our open platform lets you automate your applications with all your favourite labware. We have more than 700 single-tube formats, well plates, and even unusual plastics such as real-time rotor tubes included in our database and available for immediate use.

Discover new possibilities: Save reagent costs in real-time PCR, enjoy the choices in nucleic acid preparation, get more performance out of your cell culture work, finish first in your genomics projects, and experience more reliability in clinical research. With five models, two instrument sizes, and multiple pipetting deck combinations to choose from, epMotion is the perfect companion for your workload.

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