The Eppendorf BioPhotometer® D30 is the 3rd generation of Eppendorf BioPhotometers, which have become an established standard in the field of life sciences.


The measurement data will be recorded for fixed wavelengths, making the BioPhotometer® D30 the ideal device for routine applications.Data are clearly processed making the evaluation of results fast and simple while minimizing the risk of mistakes. Additional assistance for the user, including comparative spectra that are stored in the device, offer an additional level of security. Furthermore, all relevant ratios are automatically determined for the corresponding applications.


The BioPhotometer® D30 offers the option of recording purity scans for specific applications. In a defined measuring range, additional measurement data is collected and shown extrapolated, allowing contamination in the sample to be visually identified quickly.

Product features

  • Fixed wavelengths at 230 nm, 260 nm, 280 nm, 320 nm, 340 nm, 405 nm, 490 nm, 562 nm, 595 nm and 600 nm
  • Display of purity scan for specific applications
  • Preprogrammed applications for quick start
  • Integrated application and results memory
  • Data transfer via USB interface
  • Direct printer port available
  • Xenon flash lamp with very long life time
  • Guided software process to minimize errors
  • Help box with explanation of each individual step in 5 languages
  • Compatible with microvolume measuring cells and standard cuvettes



  • Absorption measurements for one or more fixed wavelengths
  • Display of purity scans for specific applications
  • Applications with evaluations via factor, standard or standard series

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