CASY Cell Counter + Analyzer

CASY® system determines the following parameters within seconds only:

  • Cell Number – Total cell count and live cell count
  • Cell Viability – Non-invasive counting, no dyes or stains used
  • Cell Size Distribution – High resolution and large dynamic measuring range
  • Cell Volume – Calculation of the average cell diameter
  • Cell Aggregation – Measure and calculates cell aggregation factor, automatic correction possible
  • Cell Debris – Quality control of cell culture solutions

CASY Cell Counter works fully automated. Stains or dyes become obsolte – no  interferences from dyes, combined with minimum work effort.

Principle of Function

The CASY technology uses the current exclusion method: particles and cells passing through a defined size pore generate a resistance signal varying with their size and conductivity. Live cells with a polarized membrane generate a high resistance signal, whereas dying or dead cells display a much lower resistance due to their depolarized or fully disrupted cell membrane. The signal of one cell passing the pore is resolved with a high frequency of 1 MHz, and hence the area under the curve = the Integral can easily be calculated, the integral being the only parameter directly proportional to the cell size. As the integral is seriously different with live cells, dead cells and debris, the particle sizes and their distribution can be recorded and analyzed very precisely. One additional benefit is the large dynamic measuring range (e.g. 150µ capillary: 3.2 – 120 µm = from debris via dead/live cells to cell aggregates of several 100 cells size), which cannot be reached by any other method of cell size analysis. By limiting the number of count events, CASY works without any mathematical approximations to deal with multiple particles passing the capillary simultaneously, every cell or particle is analyzed as a single count event.

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