Galaxy® 48

Galaxy® 48 R, 48 Liter Capacity
Personal-Sized CO2 Incubators


Galaxy 48 R Incubators are specifically designed for smaller laboratories and applications requiring a higher level of isolation. They provide many of the same standard features as the 170 Series, and include a viewing window on the outside door, to provide sophisticated performance in a smaller package.


Offers large 5.3” (13.5 cm) LCD intuitive interface with 72- hour data logging and easy access to setpoints and alarms. This unit is upgradeable with many options including O2 control and High- Temperature Disinfection.


  • Small footprint with mid-sized capacity
  • Seamless chamber and fanless design
  • RS-232 port and 25 mm access port
  • User-friendly LCD display on R models and LED display on S models
  • IR sensor
  • Low gas consumption
  • O2 control options for hypoxic applications

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