pH/mV/°C meter, pH 1000 L, pHenomenal®

User friendly instrument with an IP 43 rated housing. High resolution and accuracy for precise measurement. GLP compliant.

  • Simultaneous display of pH, mV and temperature measurement (in addition the display can show date, time, etc)
  • Three-position LED backlight
  • Automatic and manual calibration (1 to 3 points)
  • Automatic buffer recognition of DIN and NIST buffers (1,68 / 4,00 / 6,86 / 9,18 / 12,54)
  • Three additional technical buffers (4,00 / 7,00 / 10,00) in memory
  • Advanced self-test and diagnostics (electrode efficiency diagnostic, drift control)
  • Choice of mains supply or 4× ‘AA’ batteries for over 1000 operating hour

Ordering information: 

pH 1000 L Set including instrument, built-in temperature/pHenomenal® LS 221 (Tris) pH electrode, with temperature sensor, stand and power adapter.


ComplianceIP43 / GLP
ConnectionsBNC for pH / banana for temperature
Data logging – capacityManual storage (min. 500data sets)
DisplayCustomer specific 7-segment LCD, with backlight
OutputsWatertight USB connection (slave, bidirectional)
Temperature accuracy (°C)±0,2
Temperature compensationAuto/Manual
Temperature range (°C)0,0…+100,0
Temperature resolution (°C)0,1
mV – accuracy±0,5
mV – range±1200,0 / ±1999
mV – resolution0,1 / 1
pH – accuracy±0,005 ±1digit
pH – calibration1-/2-/3-point calibration:
AutoCal™ – Concal (with unknown buffer)
Actual calibration data can be recalculated
Selectable calibration interval
pH – range−2,000…+19,999


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