Q800R Sonicator

Q800R Sonicator system was designed specifically for DNA and Chromatin shearing. DNA can be sheared to specific size ranges making it an ideal system for preparing samples for Next Gen Sequencing. The device is compatible with commercially available sample tubes and is capable of processing up to 24 samples at one time. 

The Q800R is a complete package including a chiller to control temperature, digital operating system with programmable memory, high intensity ultrasonic horn and sound reducing enclosure.

4 tube rack options are offered to hold a variety of commercially available sample tubes from 1.5m to 300ul. Volumes as small as 50ul are easily processed. Samples are sonicated in closed vessels to prevent cross contamination and foaming. The Q800R incorporates sample rotation to ensure even sonication and reproducible results. Internal lighting illuminates the sample tubes so they can be viewed during processing.

In addition to epigenetic uses, the Q800R can be used as a high throughput sonication method for a variety of applications including cell lysis, dissolution and tissue disruption.



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