The Eppendorf epMotion 96 is a semi-automated electronic pipette for fast & precise parallel 96 channel microplate processing. It is an easy to use bench top system for high precision pipetting in 96 & 384 well plates. Without changes to the system, a large volume range of 0.5 µL to 300 µL is available for convenient use over a range of applications. Its ergonomic design and intuitive handling makes the epMotion 96 a great tool for anyone in the lab who needs fast and precise liquid handling in 96 format.

Pipette: Aspiration and dispensing of liquids
Multidispense: Dispensing of liquid in multiple equal volumes
Pipette + Mix: Aspiration and dispensing followed by user defined mixing cycles 
Manual Pipette: Aspiration of liquid can be manually stopped prior to reaching the max set volume; used for volume determination or gentle aspiration of supernatants 
Dilute + Mix: Aspiration of a concentrate and a diluent separated by an air gap. Mix after dispensing 
Multiaspirate: Aspiration of multiple equal liquid volumes; used for pooling from multiple plates 
Programming: Store sequences of multiple modes as programmed workflows
Pipetting technology: 96 channel air displacement


  • 0.5 to 300 μL with one system
  • Electronic pipetting with synchronous 96 channel piston movement for better precision and reproducibility or results
  • Auto-detect function for tip size
  • Use 50 μL & 300 μL reload tips for best accuracy
  • Intuitive & industry proven software concept & convenient touch screen control
  • Intelligent, preset applications: aspiration, dilution, multi dispense, pipette & mix
  • Individual speed setting, set parameters you are comfortable with and that match the liquid class
  • Easy & rapid tip load- & reloading
  • Compact design to fit under the laminar flow hood
  • Reduced risk of repetitive stress injury (RSI)

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