TransferMan® 4r

The new user-friendly TransferMan® 4r combines unprecedented direct movement control with an ergonomic design to meet the most demanding micromanipulation requirements. Smart functions, such as improved automated home function and position storage, enable simple and precise execution of even the most complex micromanipulation techniques.

The unique DualSpeedTM joystick allows for precise and intuitive movement during injection in all three dimensions as well as dynamic movement for covering longer distances or speeding up sample processing.

The TransferMan 4r is ideal for manipulation of suspension cells such as oocytes, stem cells, microparticles and a wide variety of applications in reproductive biology. Application-specific user profiles simplify the individual workflow process with four pre-defined application masks to choose from (e.g. for cell transfer, DNA injection, etc). 


The freely programmable “My app” mask can be optimized for specific individual needs.

Micromanipulation of suspension cells
ES and iPS cell transfer
Nucleus transfer
Production of transgenic animals using pronuclear and cytoplasmic injection (e.g. TALEN)
Selection of individual cells (e.g. biopsies)
Positioning and selection of microparticles
Microdissection of chromosomes, etc.
Applications in animal reproductive medicine (e.g. mouse ICSI)

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