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5425/5425R Microcentrifuge

About the Product

A compact desktop centrifuge for Eppendorf test tubes, with a maximum capacity of 48 test tubes (in the standard configuration of 30 places)

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Speed – 25,000 XG, 16,220 rpm
  • External Dimensions: Width- 31.9 cm, Depth- 54 cm , Height- 25.4 cm


  • This centrifuge is very compact in terms of external dimensions
  • A large selection of rotors including a rotor for 48 Eppendorf test tubes
  • Safe – An aerosol rotor for the safe centrifugation of hazardous substances
  • A unique design, which allows for quiet engine operation
  • Ergonomic – Closing the lid with a finger
  • Working Temperature: (-11) – 40°C
  • Automatic lid opening at the end of a run
  • Rotor with quick closing which allows for easy locking and ergonomic work.
  • Fast cooling option for a pre-cooling process
  • Automatic shutdown to save power and extend compressor life

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Endotoxin & TOC Conference

21-22 March 2022