Micromanipulation system – InjectMan 4

אודות המוצר

The InjectMan 4 micromanipulator is ideal for microinjection to smaller cells (eg worms) and passes through the early stages of development.
Combined with the FemtoJet 4i / 4x, it enables fast semi-automatic injection.
The device is especially suitable for complex applications that require dynamic movement mode and direct control of the injection process using the joystick button.
Axial injection motion (X / Z direction) helps minimize mechanical pressure to cells adhered during injection.
The high penetration speed makes the injection into rigid structures easier than ever.
Friendly interface with four predefined application options, enables the efficient and comfortable work process (for example, for Adherant cell injection, serial injection for fish larvae, etc.).
Due to the accuracy and stability the InjectMan 4 is also suitable for applications like patch clamp.

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