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We cooperate with the most professional companies existing in the market,
In order to offer the latest technologies and products to your laboratory


Effendorf is a world leader in life sciences for laboratory instrumentation, equipment and supplies.

Its product range includes manual and automatic pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, bio-reactors, freezers-80, CO2 incubators, shaker incubators, micromanipulation systems and consumables.


Suez is a world leading manufacturer of Total Organic Carbon – TOC and endotoxin analyzers

Brings together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the most complex challenges in the world related to water scarcity, quality, productivity, environment and energy.


BioTek Instruments, a part of Agilent Technologies, is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of life science instrumentation, including imaging & microscopy, multi-mode detection, liquid handling and automation systems


Leading in life sciences, diagnostics and chemical applications. The company provides laboratories around the world with equipment, services, consumables, applications and expertise. Agilent focuses its expertise on six key markets:

Food, Environment, Forensic Medicine, Pharma, Chemical and Energy Industry, Diagnostics and Research.


PTI – Packaging Technologies & Inspection, the leading company, in CCIT (container closure integrity testing)

focusing on container closure integrity, providing deterministic measures of package integrity performance for critical applications to the pharma, medical device and F&B markets



A leading manufacturer of weighing solutions for research, pharma and industry. Among the leading products are analytical and micro scales, coarse scales, moisture analyzers and more.

Pol – Eko

Temperature-controlled environmental solutions for laboratories, under European standards. Advanced equipment, such as incubators, refrigerated incubators, ovens and more.


Climat testing chambers for  bio research, pharma and industry. Offers plant growth chambers, drug storage chambers, stability testing chambers and more.


One of the leading manufacturers in Europe for a wide range of laboratory biological safety cabinets.


PHCBI is a part of Panasonic’s holding group,for the biomedical division. Offers tempruture control solutions for the pharma and biotechnology industry.


Provides a range of products for pharma, biotechnology, industry, teaching laboratories and health institutions.

VWR provides customers with a wide selection of elite products from the best manufacturers


Develops and distributes cuvette and optical components.


Specializes in solutions  for controlling an oxygen-free cellular environment, or in low oxygen concentrations (hypoxia cells).


Is a leading company in the field of ultrasonic liquid processors for more than 40 years. Manufactures the most powerful, advanced and reliable sonicators on the market.


4Biocell is an innovative company that offers analyzers for the field of Bioprocess


Manufacturer of a variety of general laboratory equipment for research labs


Echo is an innovative microscopy company in the field of life sciences, offering top edge solutions for research and pharma laboratories.


RWD  Is an innovative company in the field  Cell Analysis 

Elga - Veolia

ELGA LabWater develops, manufactures and support water purification systems designed to provide pure water solutions,  for all laboratories needs

כנס Endotoxin & TOC

21-22 מרץ 2022

Endotoxin & TOC Conference

21-22 March 2022

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