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Confocal Imaging Reader

Cytation C10 confocal imaging reader combines automated confocal and widefield microscopy with conventional multimode microplate reading.

Cytation C10 includes widefield fluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast optics.

The system delivers affordable confocal to every laboratory.

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Ultra Centrifuge Model CP100NX

  • Maximal Speed: 100,000 rpm
  • Automatic Rotor Life Management (RLM)
  • LED indicator – indicating the operating status
  • LCD touch screen
  • Easy loading / unloading of the rotor
  • Visual balance by sensor
  • Economical operating mode 
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Endotoxin analyzer - Eclipse

An automated and advanced endotoxin detection system,  Fast automation for 21 samples in about 30 minutes!

  • Short sample preparation time – only 9 minutes!
  • Only 27 pipetting steps for the analysis of 21 samples simultaneously
  • High sensitivity –  detection range from 0.005 EU/mL to 50 EU/mL
  • Easy to use and time  savings
  • Full compliance with  21CFR part 11
  • Saving in LAL reagent, only 1 ml for all 21 samples
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Integrated inverted and upright microscope system

Revolve is the world’s first and only hybrid microscope, combining four microscopes into one. This significantly reduces equipment costs and save laboratory space.

  • Upright & Inverted 
  • Olympus optics
  • iPad control
  • Friendly software
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Freezer minus 80 - 570 liters CryoCube F570

  • Range -50°C to -86°C
  • Internal division into 5 compartments, a maximal capacity of 400 boxes
  • Alert system
  •  Low energy consumption
  • Innovative design 
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