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CellXpert C170/170i – Cell Culture Incubator

About the Product

The CellXpert Cell Culture Incubator series offers a great balance of precision, practicality, and protection. This family of incubators provides an ideal environment for sensitive cell cultures. Equipped with uniform temperature regulation verified at 27 locations inside the incubator according to the German DIN 12880 standard, swift recovery post-door opening, and extensive cleanability, this is a solid choice for laboratories seeking simplicity and high performance.

The CellXpert family is an ideal choice for demanding applications such as assay development or the cultivation of stem cells, primary cells, and tissues. 


Key Advantages

  • Seamless chamber for easy cleaning
  • Comprehensive contamination protection: 
  • High-temperature disinfection (HTD) 
  • Exceptional temperature uniformity: Innovative heating technology with multiple independent temperature sensors ensures consistent conditions
  • Rapid recovery after door opening: Restores temperature and CO2 levels in less than 5 minutes – no regulation overshoot ensures sample safety
  • Minimized vibrations and turbulence: Fanless design protects sensitive cell cultures
  • Economical: The fanless design also allows for up to 25% more usable space. Coupled with reduced gas consumption and the lack of internal expendable parts, this model is cost-efficient



  • Biological research: Provides an ideal environment for growing and maintaining cell cultures used in biological research
  • Clinical laboratories: Assists in performing cell-based assays, including drug efficacy testing and cytotoxicity studies
  • Academic institutions: Used for educational purposes and in-depth research in cell biology and related fields

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