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Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzer

About the Product

The Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzer, utilizing the well-known Membrane Conductometric technology, offers a stable, accurate, and quick TOC analysis for purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) applications with unmatched reliability, robustness, and accuracy. The M500 is the Sievers’ third-generation online TOC analyzer specifically engineered for microelectronics and pharmaceutical-grade water monitoring that delivers impeccable performance in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and data integrity. This cutting-edge analyzer is equipped with an optional advanced Super iOS 4-port sampler, designed to automate grab samples for heightened efficiency and Ozone resistance. It also boasts a reduction in analysis and maintenance time by 50%, resulting in valuable real-time data for early detection and enhanced process control. Coupled with a 10-inch touchscreen and the most advanced data integrity capabilities, the M500 ensures easier setup and operation and data safety.


Key Advantages

  • Offers a range of 0.03 ppb – 2.5 ppm with differentiation between inorganic carbon and total organic carbon
  • Achieves a 50% reduction in analysis and maintenance  time, simultaneous TOC & conductivity measurement with an automated system for calibration, validation and suitability
  • Includes advanced communication solutions. Compliant with global standards such as USP, EP, JP, IP, ChP, KP, and more.
  • 21CFR part 11, Data integrity and ALCOA full compliance  



  • Measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC), in WFI and PW water systems..
  • Real-time release 
  • Pharma 4.0 compatible

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