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DKT200 Dry Bath Incubator Series

About the Product

The DKT200 Dry Bath Incubator series offers an effective alternative to traditional water bath devices. With a commendable level of temperature control precision, this dry bath incubator ensures superior parallel sample preparation. Beyond being a cultivation and preservation device, it becomes an essential tool for varied sample reactions.

Key Advantages

  • Outstanding speed in heating, uniform heat distribution, accurate temperature control, and high stability
  • Minimizes energy consumption and eliminates noise production
  • Features built-in temperature deviation calibration, automatic fault detection, and a buzzer alarm function
  • Equipped with over-temperature protection device ensuring safety
  • Compact and tight product design, saving substantial space
  • Allows continuous operation and offers easy-to-replace blocks for cleaning and disinfection
  • DKT200-2A offers unique dual functionality, enabling independent heating and incubating to meet diversified laboratory needs



  • Utilized for heating samples in molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry laboratories
  • Pre-heating samples for diverse applications
  • Differentiates from other heating methods as it does not involve liquid, offering a ‘dry’ heating solution

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