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About the Product

The ThermoMixer C is a highly flexible device that combines the innovative 2DMix-Control technology with precise temperature control, guaranteeing reliable and reproducible results. This instrument stands out due to its capacity to heat, cool, and mix in a wide variety of vessels with different volumes. The optional Eppendorf ThermoTop further enhances its function by ensuring reliable prevention of condensate formation in small vessels. The SmartBlocks, adaptable to all standard lab vessels, can be quickly and easily exchanged, increasing the equipment’s versatility for a wide range of applications. The ThermoMixer pushes the boundaries of stability across all mixing frequencies, affirming the assurance of reliable test results.


Key Advantages

  • The unit integrates mixing, heating, and cooling in one, offering high flexibility
  • Accommodates all common vessels and plate formats from 5 µL to 50 mL via various Eppendorf SmartBlocks
  • Utilizes an anti-spill technology to prevent lid wetting and cross-contamination
  • Offers an enhanced mixing frequency of up to 3,000 rpm for effective sample mixing
  • Features excellent temperature management, ensuring temperature accuracy
  • Equipped with predefined program keys and a clearly arranged menu for straightforward operations
  • SmartBlocks design promotes optimal temperature transfer to each sample
  • Separate sensor for each SmartBlock for calibration purposes



  • Purification of Plasmid/RNA/DNA
  • Synthesis of cDNA
  • Extraction of DNA fragments from agarose gels
  • Various enzymatic reactions such as DNA restriction digestion, Proteinase K digestion, and ligation
  • Transformation of bacterial strains and plasmids
  • Denaturation of DNA, RNA, and proteins
  • Labeling of DNA, RNA, and proteins
  • Facilitates bacterial growth in microreaction vessels, conical tubes, and Deepwell Plates
  • Executes lysis reactions at 100 °C
  • Assists in mixing of PCR setups

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