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MIX-25/25P/30S Mini Mixer – Vortex

About the Product

The MIX-25/25P/30S Mini Vortex series are specialized instruments used for various laboratory applications. These high-performing tools are designed for vibration, blending, and stirring of sample tissues, cells, bacteria liquid, and chemical reagents, boasting a compact size yet possessing potent functionality.

Key Advantages

  • Compact and mini design
  • Enhanced shockproof capability 
  • Flexibility in mixing with multiple modes, including touch operation, continuous operation, and timing set
  • Adjustable speed with a wide range
  • Easy replacement of shaking blocks
  • Choice of various tube holders (Suitable for Eppendorf Tubes)



  • Essential for laboratory-based analyses, especially in life science research, involving blending and stirring of different samples
  • Homogenization of various substances

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