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LSM-80 Tube Roller

About the Product

The LSM-80 Tube Roller is a versatile mixing tool that optimizes the blend of viscous solutions, blood samples, and solid-liquid suspensions. It offers a dual functionality of rolling and swinging operation modes to ensure efficient mixing and enhance safety. Renowned for its contribution in the areas of blood clot prevention and immunoprecipitation, it ensures reliable results across diverse applications.


Key Advantages

  • Compact, sturdy design with LED indicators for time and speed
  • Two operational modes – rolling and swing
  • Equipped with a reliable performance motor that supports adjustable speeds, reaching up to a maximum of 80rpm
  • Designed to accommodate various tube sizes
  • Ensures low-noise operation with a promise of a long lifespan



  • Ensures efficient mixing of blood samples
  • Ideal for blending sticky substances
  • Prevents the clotting of various substances

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