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Ozonia – Ozone Generator Systems for Water Treatment

About the Product

The Ozonia Ozone Generator Systems is an industry-leading solution for water treatment and purification. Harnessing the power of ozone, one of the most potent oxidation compounds, this system offers unparalleled purification and disinfection capabilities. This unique electrolytic process produces ozone directly from water, eliminating the need for gaseous air or oxygen, ensuring uncompromised water quality with no contaminants.

Key Advantages

  • Electrolytic ozone production
  • versatile ozone production from 3g O3/h to 250 kg O3/h
  • ozone production with air or O2 feed gas
  • Individual cell controls for user-friendly operation
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Absence of ionic contamination
  • Simplified installation, preserving system integrity


  • Pharmaceutical water production and treatment
  • Continuous sanitization of pure water loops
  • Industrial water treatment and disinfection
  • Cosmetic industry water purification
  • Significant reduction in operational downtime of production systems

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