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REBEL Inverted and Upright Hybrid Microscope

About the Product

The REBEL Hybrid Microscope stands as a testament to innovative design, blending the functionalities of both Upright and Inverted Microscopes into a singular, cohesive unit. This adaptability ensures researchers no longer juggle between two systems but leverage the REBEL’s effortless transition capabilities. With this hybrid design, examinations of fixed slides and live samples in Brightfield and Phase Contrast modes have never been more seamless or efficient.


Key Advantages

  • Remote Focus Controller for swift and sharp image acquisition with auto-exposure feature
  • Hybrid Functionality: Swift transition between UPRIGHT and INVERTED observation modes
  • Detachable display with optional binocular module
  • Touch-sensitive controls for microscope and camera
  • Advanced Measurement annotations including Length, Area, Cell Count, and Scale Bar
  • Intuitive touch-based cell counting tool accommodating up to 5 distinct cell types
  • Continuous updates and downloads via App Store
  • Lens options spanning 2x – 100x
  • Comprehensive Brightfield and Phase Contrast functionalities
  • Ergonomic software optics complemented by a 12.9” Apple iPad Pro Retina® display with a full circular field of view
  • High-resolution 8MP CMOS color camera, ensuring repeatability with consistent camera and LED settings
  • Efficient data transfer options via USB, AirDrop (iOS and Mac), and seamless integration with cloud storage apps like Dropbox



  • Dual-mode examination of fixed slides and live samples
  • Imaging in Brightfield & Phase Contrast settings
  • Suitable for multiple plate types, accommodating living or fixed cells
  • Integrates with iPad touch screen for efficient visualization and capture


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