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Sonicator Series – Ultrasonic Homogenizers

About the Product

The Qsonica Sonicator series offers the most advanced ultrasonic liquid processors globally. With over 50 years of craftsmanship in the USA, these Sonicators are renowned for their superior performance and exceptional reliability. Specializing in creating maximally stable nanoparticle suspensions and efficient cell lysis, these Sonicators are integral to a diverse range of applications, including nanotechnology and genomics. From small-scale laboratory tasks to industrial-scale processes, the Sonicator series provides unrivaled flexibility with various models catering to different needs and volumes.


Key Advantages

  • Full Amplitude Control: Control the amplitude from 1-100% for precise adjustments in processing your sample
  • Programmability: Save processing times, pulse on/off, and amplitude parameters for efficient operation
  • Pulse Mode: Tailor pulse On and Off times to manage heat gain in temperature-sensitive samples
  • Temperature Monitoring: An optional temperature probe is available to prevent overheating by shutting down sonication when temperature limits are reached
  • Sequence Operation: Run multiple programs in sequence to cater to complex processing requirements
  • Auto Tuning: The Sonicator digitally tracks frequency changes and maintains electrical efficiency at all times, negating the need for manual tuning
  • Overload Protection: Equipped with fault detection circuitry to shut down sonication when a fault occurs, ensuring operational safety



  • Homogenization
  • Emulsification
  • Cell lysis
  • DNA shearing

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