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RH-18/+ 3D Rotating Mixer

About the Product

The RH-18/RH-18+ 3D Rotating Mixer is an advanced instrument for mixing samples in a uniquely multidimensional manner. Its design allows for horizontal, vertical, and angled rotation across a variety of sample tubes. This offers scientists and researchers an efficient tool for achieving optimal mixing of molecular hybrids, blood samples, and other substances that require thorough blending.

Key Advantages

  • Adjustable rotating frame, providing a unique combination of rotational axes
  • Multiple rotation modes available, ranging from mild to somersault-style rotation
  • RH-18 model allows for positive and negative rotation, easily adjusted by pressing the rotating frame during operation
  • RH-18+ model includes a reciprocating oscillation function, adjustable from 20 to 99 degrees



  • Molecular biology and Biochemistry research
  • Histo-chemistry
  • Clinical uses, providing reliable and consistent sample mixing in a healthcare setting

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