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epMotion Liquid Handler Series – 5070, 5073, & 5075

About the Product

Eppendorf’s epMotion Liquid Handler Series encompasses robotic systems designed to streamline both basic and intricate liquid handling tasks, freeing researchers to focus on other responsibilities. These automated pipetting systems, especially adept at PCR and qPCR setup, nucleic acid purification, and low-throughput NGS library preparation, also excel as open platforms for various automated liquid handling operations. The reliability and reproducibility of the results are amplified due to the systems’ inherent design to maximize precision across samples, thereby conserving time and resources.


Key Advantages

  • Volume range for all models: 0.2 to 1,000 µL
  • Worktable positions: 4 (5070), 6 (5073), up to 15 (5075)
  • Automatic tool exchange: 2-tool (5070), 3-tool (5073) with optional gripper or Eppendorf ThermoMixer®, 4-tool (5075) with optional gripper, thermal modules, Eppendorf ThermoMixer®, and vacuum station
  • Decontamination features: Optional UV lamp & air filter system available for 5073 & 5075
  • Compact design for 5070 with a footprint of 65 × 48 cm
  • MultiCon PC controller across all models for simulation, networking, and upgrade options
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop software interface for all models



  • DNA and RNA purification
  • NGS library preparation, catering to both medium and high sample volumes
  • Solid phase extraction
  • PCR/qPCR setup
  • Tube-to-plate transfer
  • Plate reformatting
  • Serial dilutions
  • Cherry picking and normalization
  • Sample and reagent transfers
  • Sample mixing and tempering

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