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Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader

About the Product

Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader is an affordable yet comprehensive tool that integrates digital microscopy and multimode detection. It combines high-contrast brightfield imaging and fluorescence for capturing intricate cellular details and broad regions of interest, with a magnification range from 1.25x to 60x. The device also accommodates conventional multimode detection, offering filter-based fluorescence and monochromator-based UV-Vis absorbance. Equipped with temperature control and shaking, the Cytation 1 offers optional CO2/O2 control and reagent injectors. Its Gen5 software streamlines the image capturing and plate reading process, ensuring easy operation and analysis.


Key Advantages

  • Seamless integration of digital microscopy and multimode detection, delivering both phenotypic and quantitative data from a single instrument
  • Augmented microscopy image capture, processing, and analysis automate the imaging workflow, saving time by reducing manual intervention
  • High contrast brightfield imaging and fluorescence ranging from 1.25x to 60x capture 
  • Automated XY stage, autofocus, auto exposure, and auto LED intensity
  • Over 20 filter/LED color cubes available
  • Cell-friendly design with controlled environment for live cell assays ensures longer-term kinetic studies under stable conditions.
  • wavelength selection in 1 nm increments
  • Peltier Cooling Module maintains a stable environment for temperature-sensitive assays, enabling efficient transition between multiple applications.



  • Advanced image processing and analysis, including stitching, Z-projection, deconvolution, digital phase contrast, cell count, confluence, cytoplasm analysis, intracellular analysis, and subpopulation analysis.
  • Efficient environmental control for live cell imaging allows for extended kinetic studies.

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