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NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer System 4 Lasers

About the Product

The NovoCyte Quanteon is the latest evolution of the renowned NovoCyte line of flow cytometers. It stands at the cutting edge of biotech equipment with four lasers and the capacity for configuration with up to 25 independent colors, thus catering to the most complex sample panels. The Quanteon’s proprietary photomultiplier technology guarantees unmatched sensitivity, stability, and a 7.2 log dynamic range. With this innovation, capturing both low and intense signals in the same view becomes effortless, eliminating the need for laborious photomultiplier tube (PMT) tuning procedures.


Key Advantages

  • Maximizes flexibility with 25 fluorescence channels using 4 lasers
  • Ensures high sensitivity and resolution with independent detectors for each fluorescence channel
  • Offers automated sample addition with the reliable and flexible NovoSampler Q, capable of handling 40 tubes or loading plates of 24-, 48-, 96- or 384-wells
  • Equipped with a powerful, intuitive software for data reading and analysis, and report generation
  • Automated capabilities to cater to high throughput needs
  • High-speed data collection of up to 50,000 events per second
  • Precise and absolute cell counting



Apoptosis Assay: Efficiently quantify cell death, differentiate between apoptosis and necrosis, and enhance your understanding of cell regulation mechanisms.

Immunophenotyping: Monitor the frequency of various immune cells and assess the immune status of patients in response to treatments or stimuli.

Cell Proliferation: Effectively measure and analyze cell proliferation through absolute cell counts or dye-partitioning methods.

Cytokine Detection: Examine cytokine production and trace their origins to gain deeper insights into immune responses.

Intracellular Protein Detection: The NovoCyte Flow Cytometer assists in the intricate task of intracellular protein detection, thereby enhancing the characterization of cell subpopulations and cellular processes.Cell Cycle Analysis: Comprehensively analyze cell cycle progression, understand tumor cell differentiation, and study cell-compound interactions.

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