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CryoCube F570 Series – Minus 80\ULT Freezer

About the Product

The CryoCube F570 Series ULT Freezer is an exceptional specimen of ultra-low temperature freezers, designed for a swift recovery to -80 °C after every opening. Renowned for being a real-lab freezer, this is suitable for multiple openings per day. This freezer safeguards your precious samples at -80 °C while optimizing operating costs. Employing a unique combination of vacuum insulation panels and polyurethane foam, the CryoCube F570 series facilitates extraordinarily low energy consumption during prolonged storage, embodying sustainable cold storage while ensuring sample safety.


Key Advantages

  • Volume class of 570 L (20.1 ft3),  5 compartments,  capable of holding up to 400 boxes 
  • Efficient insulation using traditional insulation and vacuum insulation panels
  • A compressor control system that minimizes energy consumption, increases freezer longevity, and reduces cycle times
  • Automatic vent port on the front door of upright CryoCube models for quick sample access and improved energy consumption
  • Ergonomic door handle for easier access with less force
  • Stainless steel interior for effortless cleaning during maintenance and defrost cycles
  • Low noise level for pleasant working conditions 



The CryoCube® F570 Series – ULT Freezer is versatile, and ideal for the storage and preservation of diverse biological materials and samples, such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Cells
  • Spores
  • Pollens
  • Protozoa
  • Research-only blood components
  • DNA
  • Research-only tissue
  • Chemicals or material testing components for longer-term preservation

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