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Xplorer/ Xplorer Plus – Electronic Pipette Series

About the Product

Delivering on the promise of ultimate precision and superior performance, the Eppendorf Xplorer/Xplorer plus electronic pipettes set new standards in pipetting. These exceptional pipettes, designed for lab professionals who strive for perfection, are available in single-, 8-, 12-, 16- and 24-channel formats. They effortlessly dispense liquid volumes from 0.5 µL to 10 mL, significantly mitigating the risk of errors often associated with manual pipetting. Powered by an untiring, rechargeable battery and complemented with intuitive operational features, these pipettes are a gateway to an elevated level of simplicity, precision, and reproducibility. The Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept reduces the stress on the hand and arm during everyday lab work. Further enhancing sustainability, all Eppendorf Xplorer and Xplorer plus single-channel pipettes are now proudly adorned with an ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label from My Green Lab, providing a standardized sustainability assessment for laboratories.


Key Advantages

  • Electronic air-cushion pipette: precision and reproducibility
  • Intuitive handling: Selection dial & multifunctional rocker
  • Powerful rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of use
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Ease of use
  • Available as single-, 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-channel as well as adjustable tip spacing multichannel pipette (Move It®)
  • All Xplorer pipette lower parts can be autoclaved to ensure decontamination



  • Pipetting liquids for forward pipetting
  • Volume determination in manual pipetting
  • Automated mixing 
  • Automatic dispensing – filling of plates, gels, and reaction vessels 
  • Multi-aspiration – Pooling supernatants  
  • sequential dispensing and pipetting
  • Handling non-aqueous solutions through reverse pipetting
  • Dilution series 

Fix volume – save up to 10 volumes for ease of operation – only Xplorer plus

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