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Easypet 3 – Electronic Pipette Controller

About the Product

Easypet 3 – Electronic Pipette Controller is the epitome of precision and speed control in manual liquid handling tasks. This advanced electronic pipette controller brings an innovative approach to tasks such as serial dispensing and resuspending bacterial or cell pellets, particularly in cell culture and other similar applications. Not limited to a specific pipette type, it is compatible with all serological and volumetric pipettes, accommodating volumes between 0.1 –  100 mL. The lightweight factor, a mere 160 g, ensures that it rests comfortably in your hand, eliminating pipetting fatigue and guaranteeing precision. A noteworthy feature is its exceptional speed adjustment, which ensures optimized gravity drain dispensing without the worry of splashing, making it not just comfortable and precise, but also safe.


Key Advantages

  • Designed specifically for serological and volumetric pipettes
  • Speed adjustment system is intuitive, responding even to the slightest touch
  • Lightweight, balanced, and ergonomic design for prolonged use without fatigue
  • Integrated with vibrant backlit LEDs, providing visual feedback of remaining battery life
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery for long-lasting cordless operation
  • An autoclavable pipette adapter promotes sterile applications
  • Quick-release feature of the aspirating cone enables effortless exchange of membrane filters.



  • Ideal for handling liquid with serological and volumetric pipettes ranging from 0.1  –  100 mL
  • Facilitates serial dispensing of different volumes of aliquots
  • Excellently suited for resuspending bacterial or cell pellets
  • Applicable in scenarios like aspiration of a cell layer from substances like Ficoll gradient

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