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Multipette E3/Multipette E3x – Electronic Multi-Dispenser Pipette

About the Product

The Multipette E3/E3x Electronic Multi-Dispenser Pipettes combine precision and comfort, with their lightweight construction and automated operation that lightens your workload in filling plates or long series of tubes. With the Combitips, advanced dispenser tips, these repeater pipettes are capable of handling all types of liquids, delivering exact volumes with effortless efficiency. 


Key Advantages

  • positive displacement with various functions suitable for dilution series, titration, and automatic dispensing Automatic Combitips advanced pipette tip recognition eliminates time-consuming volume calculations
  • Speed adjustment:  diverse aspiration and dispensing speed for precision, accuracy, and avoiding splashing
  • Broad dispensing range of 1 µL to 50 mL, providing up to 5,000 dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nanoliters
  • Motor-driven function minimizes human error and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Safe dispensing of hazardous liquids such as radioactive, toxic substances, and solutions with high vapor pressure like ethanol 


  • Repetitive dispensing (Dis) or Automatic dispensing (Ads*) of set volumes in long series like tube or plate filling, aliquoting reagents, and kit usage
  • Pipetting (Pip) for refilling liquids
  • Sequential dispensing (Seq) to create dilution series
  • Aspiration (Asp) for pooling supernatants from different vessels.
  • Aspirate and dispensing (A/D) for pooling and volume determination with subsequent dispensing

Titration (Ttr) for controlled dropwise dispensing and concentration determination.
*Some applications are exclusive to the Multipette® E3x model.

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