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TP-350+ Magnetic Heating Stirrer

About the Product

The TP-350+ Magnetic Heating Stirrer showcases an intelligent blend of special ceramic plate heating and magnetic stirring technologies. Its high-tech design allows the plate surface temperature to reach up to 340°C, accommodating a diverse range of heating and stirring experiments. The user-friendly designed interface, which includes the capability to manage and observe the heating procedure, offers an effective answer to a wide range of laboratory requirements


Key Advantages

  • Optimal temperature control through PID, ensuring accuracy and consistency
  • High-precision measurement with low overshoot (≤±5℃) for dependable results
  • Facilitates the heating or stirring of standard/non-standard reaction flasks, ranging from 50ml to 20L
  • The durable DC brushless motor guarantees stability, low noise, and a long lifespan
  • A unique heating method with a maximum surface temperature of 340°C
  • TP-350+ model comes with 10 preset programs for user convenience
  • 4.3-inch color screen holographic display for clear and intuitive operation



  • Conducting a wide variety of lab experiments requiring precise temperature control and uniform stirring
  • Performing biochemical reactions that require precise temperature adjustments and continuous stirring
  • Ideal for handling liquids in varying volumes, from 50 ml to 20 liters

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