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Epoch 2 Microplate Reader

About the Product

Delivering top-notch performance for UV-Vis absorbance measurements, the Agilent Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer is an indispensable asset to your biotech lab. This versatile equipment allows measurements in 6- to 384-well microplates, cuvettes, and microvolume samples with the optional Take3 microvolume plate. With an extensive wavelength range, the spectrophotometer is adaptable for diverse applications such as nucleic acid and protein quantification to microbial growth assays. The optional touch screen interface alongside the onboard software streamlines the selection of predefined protocols or custom program definitions.


Key Advantages

  • Filter-free UV-Vis wavelength selection from 200 to 999 nm in 1 nm increments.
  • Onboard software supports endpoint, kinetic, and spectral scanning in various modes.
  • Compatibility with 6- to 384-well plates and cuvettes for versatile assay workflows.
  • Features 4-Zone incubation up to 65 °C with Condensation Control.
  • Take3 microvolume plates allows for measurements of 2 µL samples.
  • Optional touchscreen interface for control of common assays and efficient data analysis with Gen5 software.



  • Advanced absorbance reading: Epoch2 supports endpoint, kinetic, and spectral scan reading modes.
  • ELISA Assays
  • DNA/RNA Quantification
  • Protein Quantification

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