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Innova 42/42R – Stackable Incubator Shaker

About the Product

Innova 42/42R – Stackable Incubator Shaker is a compact, versatile device known for its remarkable Innova reliability. The incubator shaker comes with a broad array of features including a static cultivation shelf, and optional culture drawer for protecting Agar plates from evaporation, UV germicidal light, and photosynthetic light options. With its flexibility for lab placement, including the capability of being stacked up to two units high, or being placed on or under a laboratory bench, the Innova 42/42R exemplifies convenience and accessibility. Its robust cast iron triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive has been designed to sustain high-speed applications and heavy workloads, making it a highly dependable addition to any laboratory.


Key Advantages

  • High capacity in a compact design, allowing for the accommodation of multiple flasks on the universal platform
  • Ergonomic and safe interface, with top-mounted controls and display
  • Easy-to-clean design 
  • Flexible lab positioning options including on or under-bench placement, and the ability to double-stack 
  • Parallel static cultivation made possible with an included height-adjustable static shelf. Additional shelves are available as optional extras
  • Efficient sample evaporation protection ensured by the use of the bottom spill pan and optional culture drawer
  • Reliable, high-load handling
  • Programmability –  Continuous, timed, or multi-step programming (15 steps), storing up to four programs. Various options and accessories available for enhanced customization



  • Cultivation of bacteria, yeast, fungi, insect cells
  •  protein expression
  • Cultivation of algae of plant cells (photosynthetic light bank optional) 
  • Plasmid production / Bacterial clone selection on Agar plates
  • Media optimization
  • Mixing and shaking of samples ( for staining, washing, extraction or hybridisation) 
  •  Solubility studies

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