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FitoClima 600 & 1200 BIO – Plant Growth chambers

About the Product

The Aralab BIO reach-in chambers provide excellent environmental control suitable for various plant research or insect rearing purposes. They are equipped with diverse lighting and shelving choices, making them adaptable to virtually any research scenario. A notable feature is the ClimaPlus touch-screen controller, renowned for its user-friendly programming that facilitates the simulation of a variety of environmental conditions ranging from dusk and dawn cycles to clouding, dewing, and other rigorous conditions crucial to your research.


Key Advantages

  • Ready-to-use design with no assembly required
  • Highly adaptable design featuring easily removable, height-adjustable shelves and interchangeable light canopies with varied intensities
  • Broad temperature and humidity working ranges
  • Equipped with high/low temperature and humidity alarms that can be configured for research protection and automatic remote notifications
  • Constructed with a durable stainless steel interior for maximum longevity and easy cleaning
  • Offers multiple lighting options to suit all research requirements and stages of plant development



  • Ideal for plant growth studies
  • Suitable for tissue culture or in-vitro studies
  • Widely used in Arabidopsis research
  • Provides optimal conditions for germination studies
  • Utilized extensively in algae research
  • Ideal for studies in entomology
  • Suitable for insect rearing
  • Applicable to other life sciences applications

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