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Bugbox M\Ax Anaerobic Workstations

About the Product

The Bugbox anaerobic workstation models M and Ax create optimal environments for microbiological studies. Celebrating over 25 years of Baker anaerobic technology, these workstations have been endorsed globally, installed in over 40 countries, and highlighted in over 300 research publications. With a focus on meeting rising laboratory demands, Bugbox boasts of features like the innovative Ezee Sleeve Glove ports for swift access and an energy-efficient lighting system. This workstation not only assures accurate primary isolation rates but also ensures specimen integrity by allowing plate examination without oxygen exposure. With a compact design tailored for even the most constrained lab spaces, Bugbox serves as an economical solution that outperforms traditional anaerobic jars in reliability and stability.


Key Advantages

  • Precise temperature regulation ranging from ambient + 5˚C to 45˚C
  • Automated humidity control ensuring uniformity, eliminating dry spots
  • Efficient palladium catalyst coupled with anaerobic color-indicator strips to ensure and verify anoxic condition
  • Real-time O2 monitoring as an optional feature
  • Innovative Ezee Sleeve Direct Hand Entry system that allows undisturbed access to the chamber’s interior
  • Economical with low gas consumption and operational costs, coupled with lower costs per plate compared to anaerobic jars
  • Built for durability with minimal maintenance and downtime requirements



  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Human microbe research
  • Biofuel development
  • Dental research studies
  • Environmental testing endeavors
  • Food and beverage microbial analyses
  • Various research areas focusing on obligate anaerobe cultures
  • Microaerophile research


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