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Concept – Anaerobic & Microaerophilic Workstations

About the Product

The Concept Anaerobic & Microaerophilic Workstations were created to maximize the productivity of anaerobic or microaerophilic incubation. Its unique removable pop-off front cover, streamlines set-up and cleaning while the modular design provides unparalleled flexibility for expanding and upgrading workspaces. With a selection of four models refined to meet specific needs, the Concept range goes the extra mile in ergonomics, offering optimal hand access and swift plate loading.


Key Advantages

  • Speedy interlock purge cycle times paired with Single Plate Entry System (SPES) streamline the process of achieving accurate anaerobic conditions for samples
  • Ezee Sleeve direct-hand access port system facilitates quick and easy access to the workstation
  • Pop-Off, the removable front cover, significantly simplifies the cleaning process
  • Integrated digital on-screen color-coded display offers a clear overview of environmental conditions, set to user-specific parameters
  • Equipped with an optical sensor and standard HEPA filtration
  • High capacity workstations accommodate up to 500 plates in one controlled environment
  • Flexible modular design that can be easily expanded and upgraded to provide a dual chamber controlled environment



  • Efficient and controlled growth of anaerobic and microaerophilic cultures


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