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AS.X2 Series Analytical Scales

About the Product

The X2 Series represents a potent blend of traditional high-quality analytical scale solutions, seamlessly fused with cutting-edge technology meant primarily for professional standards. This combination results in instruments that offer exceptional accuracy and maximum ease of operation, at an affordable price. 


Key Advantages

  • A 5” color touchscreen for easy and intuitive interaction
  • Customizable display on specific user preferences
  • IR sensors for touch-free operation, enhancing usability and safety
  • Compliance with GLP and GMP regulations, ensuring high-standard operations
  • Dynamically controlled sample weight, visually represented through a bar graph for clarity
  • Comprehensive statistics, formulations, reports, and printouts for insightful data analysis
  • Unrestricted communication capabilities for maximum connectivity
  • An Alibi memory system to record measurements
  • A complex database system to support versatile data storage and retrieval



  • Precision weighing for research and industrial applications
  • Formulation and statistical data analysis in pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Record-keeping for compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Use in environments requiring touch-free operation for safety or hygiene purposes

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