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BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System – Automated Incubator

About the Product

The BioSpa automated incubator establishes a seamless connection between Agilent BioTek readers, imagers, washers, and dispensers. This integration leads to comprehensive workflow automation for up to 8 microplates or other labware. With BioSpa, you can effortlessly automate diverse workflows, ranging from ELISA to extended live cell assays, such as migration, wound healing assays, 3D spheroid formation, and other kinetic applications. The built-in scheduling, environmental monitoring, and optional liquid handling attributes allow for automation, promoting maximum lab efficiency. The system’s capacity to accommodate multiple users for simultaneous processes. 


Key Advantages

  • Streamline workflows from sample preparation to detection through automation. Scheduled operations in the software can span days or weeks, enabling unattended processing of up to 8 microplates
  • compact footprint
  • user-friendly software, coupled with seamless integration with Gen5 and LHC software
  • The system can define multiple users, each able to visually monitor their unique experiments in progress.
  • Temperature, CO2/O2 control, and humidity monitoring work harmoniously to support live cell processes. The BioSpa software consistently records the environmental conditions throughout the duration of the run



  • Cell proliferation
  • Cytotoxicity 
  • 3D cell culture
  • ELISA automation
  • Cell fix & stain protocols

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