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About the Product

CELLCYTE X is revolutionizing the world of live cell imaging and analysis by offering a user-centric ability to image live cells in real time from within the incubator. Built for high throughput, the CELLCYTE X enables researchers to observe, capture and analyze cell kinetics trends in real-time, delivering a comprehensive and accessible user experience. Equipped with integrated data analysis and graphic tools, the CELLCYTE X offers powerful functionality to process and present data, ensuring that high-contrast images are captured for effective analysis. Additionally, the CELLCYTE X is designed with a user-first approach. It features intuitive controls and effortless cell access with its open design, offering effortless operation and elevated efficiency, making your cell study experiments smoother and more productive.


Key Advantages

  • Open Design: Facilitates easier maintenance and improved environmental control
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: Real-time tracking of live cell kinetics
  • High Throughput: Accommodates up to 6 vessels simultaneously
  • Versatility: Enhanced Contour imaging mode plus 3 fluorescence channels for multiplex experimentation.
  • High Data Output: Capable of capturing and storing thousands of images per experiment.
  • Simple Setup: Designed for simplicity 
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive user interface
  • Improved Cell Viability: Minimizes disturbances during experimentation to reduce cellular abnormalities




  • Confluence
  • Cell Counting
  • Apoptosis
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Transfection Efficiency
  • Reporter Genes
  • Spheroid Growth
  • Immune Cell Cluster Formations

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