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Centrifuge 5702/5702R Centrifuges  – Tissue Culture/Blood Centrifuge

About the Product

5702 family group of low-speed centrifuges, uniquely engineered to fit the needs of both low to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture labs. Each member of the 5702 family, namely Centrifuge 5702, 5702 R, and 5702 RH, brings to the table the convenience of a compact design coupled with quiet operation. These features contribute to an improved lab environment while ensuring diverse sample types are accommodated through six different rotor options. While Centrifuge 5702 is ideal for standard applications, the refrigerated 5702 R variant is tailored for heat-sensitive samples, and the 5702 RH adds a functionality heating and refrigeration capability, suitable for working with live specimens such as in cell culture. The integration of an “At set RPM” function ensures reproducibility of centrifugation runs by starting the timer when the desired rotational speed is reached.


Key Advantages

  • Max. speed: 3,000 × g (4,400 rpm)
  • Temperature settings range from -9 °C to 40 °C
  • FastTemp function allows rapid pre-cooling of the equipment
  • The continuous cooling feature maintains a constant temperature post-run
  • ECO shut off after 8 hours of non-use
  • Two program keys for storing routine programs
  • Active heating ensures high-temperature accuracy throughout the centrifugation cycle (only available in 5702 RH)
  • Stainless steel rotor chamber is rust-free and easy-to-clean 
  • Soft brake function –Optimized for cell separation by gradient centrifugation
  • Electronic imbalance detection for maximum safety



  • Use Centrifuge 5702 for regular lab applications
  • Employ the refrigerated Centrifuge 5702 R for managing heat-sensitive samples
  • Centrifuge 5702 RH, with its heating and cooling capabilities, is perfect for working with live cells and ensures enhanced cell viability for accurate downstream applications

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