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Concentrator Plus – Vacuum Centrifuge Concentrator

About the Product

The Concentrator plus centrifuge concentrator is an ergonomic and advanced solution, specially designed to enable fast, efficient, and gentle vacuum concentration of DNA, RNA, nucleotides, proteins, and other liquid or wet samples. Equipped with advanced heating technology, this concentrator simplifies the process of sample concentration. Its latest version also offers a chemically resistant coated lid, resilient against numerous acids and organic solvents. 


Key Advantages

  • The condenser system is offered in three distinct configurations to match varying laboratory requirements
  • Quiet operation with a sound level of less than 50 dB(A)
  • Chemical-resistant, maintenance-free PTFE diaphragm pump eliminates the need for changing pump oil
  • Compact design 
  • The system offers 15 different rotor options to accommodate a range of tubes from 0.2 mL to 50 mL, as well as microplates and PCR plates
  • The motorless induction drive and chemical-resistant, stainless steel chamber ensures hassle-free operation
  • Compatibility with most commercially available cold traps for use with vapors



  • Ideal for concentration processes involving DNA, RNA, nucleotides, proteins, and other liquid or wet samples
  • Suited for laboratories where space is a premium, as it has a small footprint
  • Appropriate for labs needing a wide range of rotor options, from tubes to microplates and PCR plates
  • Best suited for work involving vapors, given its compatibility with most cold traps

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