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DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor

About the Product

Revolutionize your process development with the DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor System, an innovative platform that propels research and development in both cell culture and microbiology to new heights. The DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor exemplifies the blend of technology and biology, featuring superior bioprocess control and automation capabilities that enhance productivity and ensure precision. Its application spans from microbial to mammalian and human cell cultivation, including specialized fields such as stem cells, biofuels, and biopolymers. Seamlessly integrated with DASware software solutions, it offers robust data management, DoE support, and data history, making it a truly versatile instrument in your research and development toolkit.


Key Advantages

  • Advanced process control enables parallel operation of up to 16 glass or single-use bioreactors
  • Modular design ensures a flexible system configuration to meet specific application requirements
  • Precise control of variables including agitation, pH, and dissolved oxygen (DO) in each bioreactor
  • Variable speed pumps assure accurate liquid addition and operation in batch, fed-batch, continuous, and cyclic perfusion mode
  • TMFC individual gas mixing of air, N2, O2, and CO2, allowing for a tailored environment for each bioreactor
  • Online calculation of OTR, CTR, and RQ, providing real-time analysis of your bioprocesses
  • Integration with DASware control software for advanced process control



  • Streamlined R&D in cell culture and microbiology along with phototrophic applications
  • Ideal for lab-scale fermentation of aerobe and anaerobe bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Suitable for the cultivation of mammalian, insect, and human cell lines
  • Excellent for specialized applications such as stem cell culture or biofuel/biopolymer development

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